More than four decades ago, Jetstream began its journey in the industrial cleaning market. Today, Jetstream is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative high-pressure water blasting products and solutions for a wide range of applications, including industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydro-demolition, and abrasive waterjet cutting.

Since 1976, we have provided our customers with safe, sure, and simple solutions to get the job done. Innovative designs, advanced manufacturing processes, and unique coating technologies create distinct Jetstream features that include:


With simple yet rugged construction and color-coded visual safety system markings, our products deliver exceptional performance, maximum safety and productivity, and minimal downtime on every job.



We operate with high principles and deliver results through customer focus, innovation, continuous improvement, teamwork, and investments in our people.



We harness the power of customer-inspired innovation to design and build advanced water blasting equipment. Explore the milestones that defined our first 45 years and solidified our place as a global leading waterblast equipment manufacturer.


Jetstream was founded in 1976 by Ed Stachowiak in Houston, TX. Ed’s goal to supply customers with the safest, most reliable and simplest products were the pillars that drove the company forward.


Jetstream of Houston is founded in Houston, TX by
Ed Stachowiak


By 1982, Jetstream manufactured the first water blast gun and developed a replaceable cartridge design, allowing accessories to be repaired in less than one minute. In 1987, we introduced the Uni-Valve design and our first 10,000 psi (10K) fluid end conversions, followed by the 10K and 20K psi fluid ends and Bareshaft pumps we manufactured in 1989. The patented UNx™ fluid end technology is at the heart of every Jetstream pump. This remarkably innovative family of fluid ends has provided thousands of plant and industrial cleaning contractors with the simplest and most flexible water blasting pump available on the market.

The most valuable benefit of the UNx design is simplicity. Repairs can be completed quickly in the field, eliminating hours of downtime for service. Convertibility of the UNx design allows one unit to do the work that another manufacturer would require multiple units or several hours of downtime to perform.

With the UNx, Jetstream provides the flexibility to tackle all jobs, the superior performance to optimize efficiency, and the reliability to minimize operating costs and downtime.


Jetstream engineers and manufactures the first waterblast gun

That same year, the company developed the replaceable cartridge design allowing accessories to be repaired in less than one minute.


The company introduces the innovative Jetstream Uni-Valve Design and UNx™ Fluid End Conversions with Jetstream Uni-Valve


Released 10K and 20K psi UNx™ 3000 and 4200 Series Bareshaft Pumps, both featuring our proven UNx Fluid End (FE)


By the 1990s, we introduced the 10K and 20K water blasting units. Our customers helped us identify a need for higher psi products, and in 1998, we introduced the 40K product line. In 1998, Federal Signal Corporation purchased Jetstream. As water blasting end-users from both Jetstream and Federal Signal had similar interests in ultra-high pressure (UHP) pumps and industrial vacuum loaders, a synergy through our sales channel emerged.


Jetstream engineers and manufactures the first waterblast gun

That same year, the company developed the repalceable carttridge design allowing accessories to be repaired in less than one minute.


Released Tube Spinners offering a leap forward in
industrial cleaning


Released 3600 Series UNx™ Bareshaft Pump


Released Tube Spinners offering a leap forward in
industrial cleaning


Released first 40K psi UNx™ Bareshaft Pump


Since the early 2000s, we have been able to grow our water blasting unit sales domestically and further develop international markets. In 2002, we established our first distributor in the Middle East (Asia Waterjet Equipment), and our first distributor in the United Kingdom (Jetstream of Europe Limited) in 2004. Since then, our network of international distributors has continued to grow into other markets, including Australia, China, and Chile.

In 2007, we introduced our popular X-Series line of water blasting units and the first FS Solutions Center opened in Toledo, OH, with three more locations that opened in Long Beach, CA; Leeds, AL; Gonzales, LA in 2008. We currently have 10 locations across the country, including La Porte, TX; Lexington, SC; Highland, IN; New Brunswick, NJ; Lakewood, WA; and Salt Lake City, UT. Each FS Solutions Center provides high-performance parts and accessories, waterblast equipment rentals as well as repair, rebuild, and safety training services for Jetstream products.

To handle the tremendous growth of the business and retain our high-level service to customers, Jetstream built a new Houston facility in 2009 which doubled our square footage. Our current location is 42,000-square-feet and has the capacity to expand another 10,000-square-feet. In 2012, we acquired a 12,000-square-foot building adjacent to our current location that houses our large assembly shop.


Released first Jetstream X-Series water blasting unit

First FS Solutions Center opens in Toledo, OH


FS Solutions Centers open in Long Beach, CA; Leeds, AL; and Gonzales, LA


Jetstream headquarters moves its operations to a larger facility


In 2016, Jetstream began the Re-Jet Initiative, a strategic effort to develop and market new designed and manufactured parts and accessories. To date, 15 new tools and accessories have been released through this initiative–including the Orbi-Jet™ X22 surface cleaning tools, the RotoMag™ X22 pipe cleaning tools, and the H3Orbiter tank cleaning tools–that have successfully expanded Jetstream’s parts and accessories product lines. Federal Signal also acquired our independent distributor in Canada, Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE).

20 years after being acquired by Federal Signal, Jetstream’s sales are six times what they were at the time of the acquisition. Today, Jetstream has the most comprehensive products, services, rentals, and training in the industry. Whether a customer is looking to purchase or rent water blasting equipment or needs service and support for their existing equipment, we’ve got them covered with the most experienced team in the industry.


FS Solutions Centers open in La Porte, TX, and Lexington, SC


FS Solutions Center opens in Highland, IN

Jetstream Parts Vans roll out in select locations


FS Solutions Centers open in New Brunswick, NJ,
and Lakewood, WA

Released Pipe Blast Armor (PBA) safety device


Released HydroForce™ and 6000 Series 600 hp pumps and water-blasting units, 20K check valve, and QuadraBlast™ 40K air gun



Released TwinForce™ 650 hp water-blasting unit


Jetstream celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Re-Jet Initiative begins

Released Orbi-Jet™ X22 surface cleaning and RotoMag™ X22 pipe cleaning tools



Released 4” J-Force™, Swivel X15, and MagJet™ X40 tools


Released 2” J-Force™, Swivel X22, and H3Orbiter™ tools and FXG2™ Tornado Gun


Released 4” J-Force™ Gen II, 6” J-Force™, and MagDart™ X40 tools

FS Solutions Center opens in Salt Lake City, UT


Continued Innovation By the 2020s, Jetstream was ready to take innovation to another level. In 2020, we released the 5200 Series Pump, Rotolink™ swivel couplings, 4” J-Force™ Gen III tools, and the FlexStop™ safety device followed by the release of the 3” J-Force™ nozzle, the Twinforce 800 HP Unit, and DrillJet tube cleaning nozzles in 2021.


Released 5200 Series Pump, RotoLink™ swivels and 4” J-Force™ Gen III tools, and FlexStop™ safety device


Released the 3” J-Force™ nozzle
and TwinForce 800hp Unit.

Looking Toward
The Future

Since 1976, we have set the industry standard in safety and innovation with the first interchangeable fluid end system to meet the needs of customers in various industrial applications.

With more than 45 years of experience, we continue evolving to meet customer needs while leading the industry in safe, effective, durable, and sophisticated, yet simple water blasting products with the most customer-focused team in the industry.

As we look to the future, we remain focused on exceeding our customer’s expectations. We will continue to grow our international presence and rental locations, as well as develop new and innovative products and services to maintain our leadership position in the water blasting market.